Friday, October 23, 2009

Two weeks...

And Counting...

Until this lovely couple gets married...

It's hard to believe the day is almost here. Two weeks and we'll be rehearsing for this wedding...Craziness. Last minute details, and I'm not even the one getting married.

I do have to say though...10 years later and I still remember the weeks leading up to our wedding like it was yesterday! What an exciting time for them. I feel like a proud Mama (sorry Mom). Poor Chris...he's gonna hate having Mom and I around right before the wedding...I'm think I'm worse than my Mom!

One week and we'll be on our way to Florida...enjoying a few days in Tallahassee getting to see old friends, shopping at my favorite stores, etc... One week and a half and we'll be visiting my best friend and her precious little baby Bryce. We'll also be visiting Shamu, Mickey, Minnie and all their friends.

AND...AND...AND...I'll be in the land of PALM TREES!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Nothing like a little South Florida to cure my crave to see Palm Trees:)

AND...AND...AND...I found the dress. I found it. My size. Good price (on sale at 60% off). YAY! No feeling like finding "the one."

TRULY BLESSED to be a part of Chris and Jody's wedding,


PS...The boys and I are going to practice "walking down the aisle" this weekend. Fingers crossed, prayers being said that the boys will behave and actually do their part in the wedding...oh boy!


Mrs Montoya said...

Ooooh, a new Lilly dress. Lucky girl!!! Your brother and his fiance are darling. I love weddings! Have a great time. I can't wait to hear how the boys do walking down the aisle. xoxo