Thursday, October 8, 2009


The past couple of weeks have been crazy...or so it seems.

I've totally slacked on updating my blog, so here's my attempt to cover the past few days/weeks/months...I've lost track.

Let's start with:

1) My work conference went very well. It was a ton of hard work, but in the end, it was awesome! We had a great time. It was great seeing my clients. It took me two days to recover though...ouch! Now, I've got tons of work to do...I love job security.
2) Brent finished our fort/tree house/swingset. He built it all by hand with no help from plans, etc...I have pictures and will post them later (I forgot the camera at home). It looks awesome...heck, even I want to play on it/in it!
3) Peyton and Palmer started Karate lessons. Well, Palmer only lasted one class, so he's officially "out" of the whole extracurricular activity thing, but Peyton is still going and seems to be enjoying it...he's my Karate Kid in the making! We've ordered his uniform, so once we get it (and I put my superior sewing skills to work on sewing on the patches), I'll post pictures.
4) I am the "official" Room Parent of Peyton's class. I sent home letters to the parents, so I'm thinking that makes me official. Of course in my everything-has-to-be-perfect/PR writing junkie/first impressions are the best impressions way, I had to completely re-do the letter they suggested we send home to the parents. It was embarrasing, and I never would have signed my name to something like that, so I re-wrote it. It was awesome:)
5) I volunteered in Peyton's class, while the teacher had them painting these huge fish-shaped papers...anyone that knows me, knows I am not a "arts and crafts" type Mommy (can't take the mess), but I survived! And Peyton was so excited to have me there!
6) Brent went alligator hunting...again! Can you say "let's just play with fire?" So, I bravely took Peyton, his friend Cannon and Palmer to the bowling alley, video arcade, McDonald's. It was fun and expensive, but I survived:)
7) Peyton busted his head open. He's tall enough now that he can hit our extremely tall kitchen counter/ he took out a chunk of his head. I probably should have taken him to get stiches, but I didn't. Instead, we stopped the bleeding, put ice on it and watched Scooby Doo, The Mystery Begins...he was good with this (and oh, I did watch for the whole outward bump and sleepiness thing). He's still alive:)
8) I cleaned my house from top to bottom. A long day, but a great looking house...especially with all the fall decorations. I'm going to take pictures soon...just so I can remember what a clean house looks like!
9) Work outs, karate, workouts, karate...I love the fact that Peyton's karate lessons are at the Y...I work out while he is in his class. It's awesome. I did go back to my Zumba classes and was convinced at one point that I was dying, but alas, I'm still alive!
10) Book Fair, Picture Day, Work Celebration Party...all in one week! How in the world am I supposed to attend an after work party, pick up both children by 5 p.m. so we can get to the Book Fair, so I can get to Karate by 6:30 p.m.? And oh, did I mention it was Picture Day for Peyton?
11) I think I need a girl's weekend!!!! And by that, I mean, a vacation with just me. No one else:)

So, TRULY BLESSED to have a wonderful life full of activities!

PS...Did I mention I need a girl's weekend? Soon!!!!!


Mrs Montoya said...

If we were closer I'd buy you a cocktail and toast all of your recent madness and successes. I really do wish we were closer. AND I want to see the swingset :)