Friday, October 30, 2009

Packing Day...

It's that time. Time to get packed for our fun-filled, non-relaxing, wedding-oriented trip to Florida.

I hate packing and hate un-packing even more...ugh! But, I am excited to leave, so packing is a must! This is what our bed looked like the night of packing. Enough patterns of Vera Bradley to last a life time (and there are two patterns missing)!

Of course, trying to not to forget the "wedding outfits" is a priority, but I also can't forget to pack the boy's costumes for Halloween...we are going trick or treating with our dear sweet friends Donna and Baker and Owen...

And just for the record, my bag was the smallest out of all of our bags! Yep, THE SMALLEST BAG! Dang, how did that happen?

Now, the hardest part...trying to get all of this in Brent's car. We take his car because his company pays for maintenance and gas on this car, so even though it is small (and we have to pack like sardines) and we really wish we could take my SUV...we are going to be frugal and take his car...

So, in 6 hours we are leaving (at 3 a.m.), in the pouring rain...yep, it's pouring outside, so now we get to pack the car in the pouring rain...ugh! Florida, take me away!

TRULY BLESSED to be leaving for Florida! Land of Sunshine, here we come!

PS...Do we really need all this crap, I mean stuff?