Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkins, Candy and Halloween...Oh my!

It was Halloween and we were in TALLAHASSEE!

Yep, drove 9 hours to go home and Trick or Treat...we'll, ok, not really, but since we we're in Tallahassee and it was Halloween, we went Trick or Treating:)

Mom got to see the boys on Halloween for the first time in two years!

They, of course, had to ring her doorbell a million times! And she gave them candy each time!

Peyton was Plokoon from Star Wars. I can't tell you what he is, but I think he is a good guy...I think! All I know is that I had to specially order this costume...yep, he takes after me.

Palmer was Superman and a darn cute one at that! My very own little Clark Kent!

I just love this picture of Peyton, so I had to share.

This is the look of a child with true delight...tearing into a piece of candy on Halloween.

They're a mess, but I love them:)

We decided to go trick or treating with our friends Donna and Baker Wright. Owen (see below) is a true miracle baby!!! And now, Donna is pregnant again, with a baby girl (or at least we hope it's a baby girl). I, of course, couldn't resist holding this cute little boy!

He had been at the FSU game, so he had on his little FSU romper...then he changed into his Halloween costume...

Is this not the cutest little Elephant you've ever seen? HE WAS SO STINKIN' CUTE!

By the end of the night, we were all exhasuted. After having traveled all day and then trick or treated, I was too tired to fight I let him have a Diet Coke. The face said it all. He never gets to drink coke, so when he does, his face says it all!

And that he crashed. My little Superman gave up. He was just my little man and I'm totally fine with that!

What a day, but a day we won't forget!!!

TRULY BLESSED to have traveled so far, yet made it safely. And, to be able to watch my children enjoy one of a child's true enjoyments -- trick or treating on Halloween!

PS...While I didn't dress up, I did have on a Happy Halloween shirt:)