Monday, November 2, 2009

Metrosexual Male...

that's what my brother I decided to spend some quality time with my metrosexual brother.

I know it's not every day that a sister actually goes to get a mani/pedi with her brother, but seeing as this is the week he is getting married, and I needed a mani/pedi for the wedding, he joined me.

We had fun. I teased him...he took it well. I think...

I treated wedding present to him...a mani/pedi. How funny is that?

Then we went to dinner. It was great spending time with him before he gets married. In fact, if I can remember back 10 years ago, I think we did the same thing (ok maybe not the mani/pedi), but dinner together right before my wedding. We made it a wedding tradition and we didn't even realize it...

He had his nailes buffed and a paraffin wax to seal the deal...he was ready for the wedding!

TRULY BLESSED to have spent a few minutes with my brother before he gets MARRIED,

PS...I triple dog dared him to get his toenails polished, but he wouldn't do it!