Thursday, November 5, 2009

Groomzilla and Mickey Mouse...

What do the two have in common? Both made an appearance on Thursday!

Yep, not only did we get to see Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch, but we also got to meet Groomzilla...aka, Chris!

Once again, we took our time getting to breakfast. Of course, since breakfast wasn't at 7 a.m., the boys thought they were going to starve...HA! There's a method to my madness. Since breakfast was scheduled for 9:45, they were starving and actually ate their food!

Family pic at Ohana...

Palmer showing off his Mickey waffle...see his treasure box that he bought with his own money?

MICKEY made his appearance!

Then Lilo came around. We hit perfect timing for the characters. We didn't have to wait a million years for them to get to our table.

Pluto...he looks happy, but I seriously think the person inside had issues. Palmer pulled his tongue and Pluto (or person inside) didn't like it. I mean really, he's 4 and he's good at it. Pluto, your tongue is going to get pulled by a 4 year old!

Stitch was great. A funny character. Stitch would fit in well at our house...WHAT AM I SAYING?

Not the best picture in the world thanks to the uncoordinated Disney helper, but since it's the only one I've got, I'll take it!

Another year of Disney down! Now, on to meet Groomzilla.

GROOMZILLA...aka...Christopher Thomas Bailey. As soon as we got to the hotel, I met up with Mom and Chris to go take a look at Harborage Yacht Club, the site of the rehearsal dinner. Poor Mom, she couldn't say anything without Chris jumping all over her. So, as I was sitting in the back seat it suddenly occurred to me that he was acting like a Bridezilla, only he was the Groomzilla came to mind. Of course, I then had to put that as my status on Facebook. Chris' reply to my label of Groomzilla was "It's not me, it's her." I then replied, "that's what every Bridezilla says." I'm truly surprised he didn't try to kick me out of the car! Fortunately for me, Jody, his fiance, caught on that he was a little "stressed." She liked the Groomzilla comment! At that point I decided to take the "parent/child" approach to their squabbling -- next person that talked owed me $5...and $5 for each time they talked. Chris owes me $40 and Mom owes me $15. I'm still waiting! They need to pay up!

It's was a long day, but the next few days are going to be exciting and fun...can't wait!

TRULY BLESSED to know a Groomzilla (I think!),

PS...Mickey and friends were fun too!