Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 Places...

1 me. 4 places.

The day we get home from being gone for 10 days, my husband leaves for Dallas...for a week. YEP...one week! I know. Great. As if I'm not tired enough, guess what...it's all me...getting everyone to everywhere they need to be (and on time too!)

And oh, did I mention our precious little Brooke is sick. We don't know with what, but on top of everything else, I get to take her to the vet (along with worrying about her, paying for her visits, picking her up). Bless her heart. I feel so bad for her. We've never taken any of our precious puppies to the vet and had to leave them for the day, but I'm only one person that has to be in 4 places at one time. YIKES...help me, help me!

Great news. Since Brent is out of town and Brooke is sick, I have a new bed partner:)

TRULY BLESSED to have a husband that has a job and a Brooke that we hope will start getting better,

PS...4 places = work, Peyton to school, Palmer to school, Brooke to Vet. We're just gonna skip afterschool activities for this week (I know, I can be sorry about it later).