Sunday, November 1, 2009


at the Park!

What do you do with two little boys with tons of energy? You take them to the park and get them really tired:)

Palmer was the only child at the park wearing his costume (day after Halloween), but he was so proud and I thought he was super cute! Superman and Peyton started to climb the net...

We looked away for two seconds and before we knew it, Peyton was at the top...holy cow...KING OF THE WORLD!

A close up of him at the top!

Then Superman had to be rescued. That's ok. One day my little Superman will rescue me, I'm sure!

And thankfully, Uncle Chris joined us at the park. 6 more days and he'll be a married man. At least now he'll remember what he was doing one week prior to getting married. Swinging on a swing at the park with his nephews.

Superman trying to fly. I thought this was just way too cute!

And this picture right here...he actually looked like he was flying! I love this picture!

So, how do you tire them out even more...let them play football. Uncle Chris was playing football with Peyton. It was great watching them play together.

I love this picture of Peyton!

And this one too...

And this one too. One day, Peyton will be just as tall as Uncle Chris.

And lastly, I love this one. Just one week away from Mom giving away her son to another woman. Speaking as the Mom of two's just cruel that we have to give them up to another woman!!!!

We had a blast and I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend together!

TRULY BLESSED to have two very healthy little boys and a great Mom and Brother,

PS...I purposely left out the pictures of me at the park!