Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful...

I am beautifull blessed and truly thankful.

I am more blessed than I think I deserve. I am more thankful than words can possibly express.

Amongst all the chaos of life, we stopped for a few minutes to capture Fall 2009 on camera! Of course, I needed to get my photo card fix, so I picked out this amazing, I just needed to find the perfect background, coordinate clothing color, etc...

Because we missed the "peak" of Fall (b/c we were in Florida), our photo "backgrounds" were limited. Fortunately, each day I drive to work, I pass by this beautifully landscaped house. In the front of their house, there is a huge, hundred-year-old tree that still had all of it's leaves (and a bench right underneath it). Really, it was just calling (begging, actually) for us to take our pictures there.

So, we stopped and asked the owners if they wouldn't mind letting us take our pictures in front of their tree. They were way too kind and more than welcomed us to enjoy it. They actually said, make yourselves at sweet?! I sent them a card:)

So, here's the fruits of our labor...(and it only cost us a trip to McDonald's for the boys)!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
Chasity (and the boys)

PS...I think this might be my favorite photo card yet...or maybe it was the 2009 card...or wait, the Easter card. Oh good gracious...I love them all!