Friday, November 6, 2009

Windy with a...

dash of Bridal Luncheon!

It's always windy in Nashville (or so it seems), but it was seriously windy the day of the Bridal Luncheon! The Bridal Luncheon was held at Jupiter Beach Resort, so in order to keep Brent from having to stay at the hotel locked in a hotel room with the boys, we loaded Brent, the boys and my Granddad up in another car and took them with us. We figured they could play on the beach and by the pool, while we enjoyed lunch with Jody, her family and the other bridesmaids.

Before the festitivites began, it was a must to get pictures on the beach...ok, well, there really wasn't a beach. I can honestly say that I have pretty much seen every beach in Florida (except the Keys...I know. I know!), but I have to say, I've NEVER seen rocks on a Florida beach. But what do I know???!!! This beach had rocks. Tons of rocks and only about 10 feet of beach.

Of course, I can't go to a beach without taking pictures, so here we go...

The water was really rough. REALLY rough! And the wind was worse, somehow managed to keep the hair down while we got a halfway decent picture of all of us.

Not a bad picture...My Granddad took this picture while his hands were shaking like no tomorrow, but he actually did get a good picture.

So cool having my Granddad in a picture with us. Bless his heart, he can't hear hardly anything, but he loves being with us. He LOVES the beach, but doesn't get to go, so it was nice to take him with us and let him enjoy being at the beach and with the boys.

My Mom and I. I love this picture. My mom and me together, along with Florida, the beach, palm trees and Lilly...this was without a doubt, a great day!

Next up, Bridal Luncheon pictures...

TRULY BLESSED to have these memories,

PS...Palmer fell on the rocks and scratched his little arm, bless his heart. Rocks...who knew there is a Florida Beach that has rocks...who knew?!