Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Dont's...

of soccer...

I took my camera to the Soccer fields in hope of getting some good photographs of Palmer playing Soccer. Not. Today.

Instead, I shifted the camera and caught (on memory card) Palmer demonstrating all the don'ts of Soccer...

Don't #1 (and this is a biggie)
Don't step on your teammate! It's not nice!

Don't #2
Don't be the one kid on the wrong end of the field...everyone else is at the other end.

Don't #3
Don't play in the net while you should be trying to kick a goal.

Don't #4
Don't do somersaults on the field during the game!

Don't #5
Don't pick the grass or flowers while the game is in play...you will get run over!

Yep, I think we might try football next! Baseball -- NO! Karate -- NO! Soccer -- Maybe NOT!


Truly Thankful and Beautifully Blessed to have a child that is able to do the "Don'ts" of Soccer,

PS...Maybe we should try music!