Monday, May 31, 2010

He's 41...

Fourty-One. 4-1. 41...

May 31, 1969 was a big day for Brenton Lynn Phillips.
May 31, 2010 was a relaxing day for Brenton Lynn Phillips.

We celebrated by going to beach! Yeah, we celebrate big around the Phillips house!

So, while at the beach, we went over to Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Linda's house for a little celebration -- to make it even better, they live on the water. SWEET. So, we ate. We visited. We played. We fished. We celebrated (with cake). We swam. We had a great time! Happy 41st Birthday to my sweet Brent (and to his Mama for giving birth to him -- it's a big day for her too)!

(I just love this picture. He was doing exactly what he loves to do!)

(Still doing what he loves to do!)

(And, now he has a little helper to help him do what he loves to do!)
(To be honest, not sure how much of a "helper" the little one was!)

(Yep, that's us...Perfectly Phillips!)

(Little Man getting in on the action!)

(Nothing like Daddy's kisses!)

(There's the birthday boy just chillin'!)
(Birthday Boy and the Mom that loves him so much!)

(Brent and Uncle Jimmy -- such amazing men!)

(Brent and Mike -- can you tell they used to aggravate the devil out of each other?)

(Me and my better half -- ignore the fishing pole!)

Yes, I know the hat looks stupid, but I'm getting older, so I'm allowed to look stupid every now and again.

What a great day...and even more fun days are ahead of us. Stay tuned. Cool pics coming your way!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to be married to a 41-year-old man that acts like he's 18 (all the time),

PS...He keeps life interesting. I think I'll keep him!