Friday, May 28, 2010

Two in One...

night on the last day of 1st Grade.

Peyton lost his first two teeth...WOW! After months of being asked, "When am I going to loose a tooth?" it finally happened. TWO IN ONE NIGHT. Of course, the two happened, because Brent pulled the WRONG tooth the first time (luckily it was ready to come out, just not quiet as ready as the RIGHT tooth)! We were actually kind of shocked that Peyton let Brent pull the second tooth, considering he got the wrong tooth the first time.

Of course, me being me, I tried to capture it all on camera (in between gagging at the site of watching Brent pull the tooth and seeing the blood). I wish I was like my friend Sarah and could handle the blood, etc..., but I can't so, I tried to get pictures1 without really looking at what I was aiming at...makes sense right?!

Here's the action:

(Brent and Peyton doing one of MANY test runs...)

(One last smile with ALL baby teeth in tact!)

(Wiggling it even more...)

(Wiggling it the other way!)

(Little Palmer had to get in on the action. But, it was around 10 p.m. so he was fading fast!)
BTW...they don't get to stay up that late every night, but since it was the last day of school, we let them stay up later than normal!

(Lil Bro getting in on the action...he can't stand it)

(This is's time...)

(It's OUT!)
(He's an official SNAGGLETOOTH!)

(and then he ran to the sink to get the blood out...GROSS!)

(I totally missed the 2nd tooth coming out, as Brent put ice on the first tooth and it numbed it so much that he literally just wiggled the second tooth and it came right blood. So this is the picture I got of the second tooth!)

(Thanks to Brent, apparently, if you lose 2 teeth in one night, the tooth fairy doubles the amount you get. Here's the math: 1 tooth = $2, so 1 tooth + 1 tooth = $4 x 2 (doubled for loosing 2 teeth in one night) = $8 from the tooth fairy - and he got a note:)

My baby isn't a baby anymore! His top 2 teeth are loose won't be long now. I guess getting those Dina pictures done back in March was a really good idea!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to have captured all of this on film (and to have had the cash at the right time when I needed it),

PS...I never carry cash, but I've been keeping a $5 tucked away for this very night. YAY me for being prepared:)