Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Dina...

Mrs. Dina...she's an amazing photographer. Her patience is unreal and her hubby gave my hubby beers while we were taking pictures at her farm! Family pictures + Brent = not so happy husband. Brent + Farm + Beer - Family pictures = hubby that can smile through the session!

It's been a while since we had our pictures taken with Dina. Three years in fact. It was time. Time to break out the wallet and get our family pictures done by a professional (and that does not include me!!!!!!).

The Farm. That is where we took our pictures. Where we captured Palmer at the wonderful age of 4 (here the sarcasm in my writing). Where we captured Peyton with all of his baby teeth still in his mouth. Where we discovered Palmer's true love for ALL animals (you'll see below that he wasn't even scared of the gigantic Clydesdale-related horse). Where Brent discovered that taking family pictures isn't nearly as bad when you a have a beer in hand. Where we discovered that giving a 4 year old an egg and asking him not to break it is definitely hoping for too much. Where Dina tried to talk us into building on our own farm...not. going. to. happen. (simply because of the possibility of snakes)!

Narrowing these pictures down to just the 11 that we purchased was HARD. VERY. HARD. It pains me to not be able to buy all of them (It all goes back to Peyton's 3 week old "Yawn" picture that I didn't buy -- that's another story for another time).

I gave a sneak peek in my last post, but here's the rest -- thank you Mrs. Dina for letting me post these!!!

Horses like carrots too!

Unless you don't give the horse the carrot...then he tries to come after you!

Our little boys are so grown up in this picture!

Just you, me and the grass buddy!

Us...I love the tire swing hanging in the background and the moss hanging from the trees!

They're a mess. A big, huge, messy mess!

My favorite firstborn!

My Favorite Sweet Baby!

Palmer being Palmer!

Palmer being Palmer Part 2!

And, we're done. Done with the pictures. He'd had enough!!!!

It was a beautiful day for beautiful pictures...these are going to go very nicely in my newly redecorated bedroom!!!!!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to know a wonderful photographer like Mrs. Dina,

PS...Happy Mother's Day (My Mom's in Alaska right now, but I wish she was here)!