Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Time...

All at one all hits at one time! Birthday, Thanksgiving and Anniversary.

Not always in that order, but always within 6 days of each other.So, it's now Sunday and within 6 days, we celebrated all three. Whew...half the year's momentus occasions in less 6 days!

Mary Kay arrived on Wednesday and after successfully baking a Sour Cream Pound Cake, it was Thanksgiving Day...of course, it's not Thanksgiving without family and some really good food (and some window decorations announcing to the neighborhood that it's Thanksgiving)!

We were a little tired after all the cooking and eating. So, we laid on the couch for a little while. Then we went to visit our great neighbors, the Rudolphs, The Hughes, The Van Sandts and the Lenahams!

On Saturday, Brent and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a date night to Flemings and the Grand Ole Opry. Brent's mom gave us a great present by watching the boys while we enjoyed a night out doing something we hadn't done since moving to Nashville -- the Grand Ole Opry. We saw some great acts, Brad Paisley and Jimmy Wayne and some not-so-great acts! We've now gone to the Opry...done. Check that off of our list:)

It was a great week. A very busy week. A week not soon forgotten.

We are Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for birthdays, Thanksgivings and anniversaries,

PS...So thankful to have Brent's Mom visiting us for a few days. Wish all the family could have been together, but maybe soon!

Monday, November 23, 2009


oh my...I'm 35!

But what a great 35th birthday...

We're not big birthday people, so I find it kind of fun to let the boys decide where we go for dinner. I know you're wondering where they choose...

Chuck E. Cheese. Yep...that's where I spend my 35th birthday dinner. I think it's so cute that they choose Chuck E. Cheese. We had a great time (I got a birthday sticker) and a cake...they bought me a cake. The boys had a blast, it was a great time watching them enjoy themselves so much (it also helped that it was a Monday night, so it was not PACKED).

Afterwards, I decided to be a "loner." I went to see New Moon all by myself...AND I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT! I had my blanket, my socks, my candy and pretty much the entire theater to myself. No one asking questions. No one sitting on my lap. No one talking. It was GREAT!!!

So, that was miy 35th birthday. Just another year. Somedays I feel 35, but I still don't think I look it...which I'll take just fine. Thank you very much!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful on this 35th Birthday,

PS...Did I mention that I bought myself two Pandora charms...see, a girl knows how to treat myself -- a cupcake and an anniversary wedding cake (my Mom gave me the bracelet for my birthday..see, a Mom knows how to treat her daughter)!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful...

I am beautifull blessed and truly thankful.

I am more blessed than I think I deserve. I am more thankful than words can possibly express.

Amongst all the chaos of life, we stopped for a few minutes to capture Fall 2009 on camera! Of course, I needed to get my photo card fix, so I picked out this amazing, I just needed to find the perfect background, coordinate clothing color, etc...

Because we missed the "peak" of Fall (b/c we were in Florida), our photo "backgrounds" were limited. Fortunately, each day I drive to work, I pass by this beautifully landscaped house. In the front of their house, there is a huge, hundred-year-old tree that still had all of it's leaves (and a bench right underneath it). Really, it was just calling (begging, actually) for us to take our pictures there.

So, we stopped and asked the owners if they wouldn't mind letting us take our pictures in front of their tree. They were way too kind and more than welcomed us to enjoy it. They actually said, make yourselves at sweet?! I sent them a card:)

So, here's the fruits of our labor...(and it only cost us a trip to McDonald's for the boys)!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
Chasity (and the boys)

PS...I think this might be my favorite photo card yet...or maybe it was the 2009 card...or wait, the Easter card. Oh good gracious...I love them all!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Oldness...

Dear Oldness,

I know you are intent on coming to visit me. In fact, you seem to try to visit me everyday, but I keep closing the door on you. However, should you decide to visit me for sooner rather than later, can you please wait until at least the first of 2010.

You see, I still have unpacking, laundry and a very busy week at work next week. Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas...WOW...did I just say Christmas?!

Anywho, please, I beg of you, wait a little while longer and you can come and visit. Visit...I said VISIT. Not stay.

Thanks, in advance, for holding up on that visit to see me,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 Places...

1 me. 4 places.

The day we get home from being gone for 10 days, my husband leaves for Dallas...for a week. week! I know. Great. As if I'm not tired enough, guess's all me...getting everyone to everywhere they need to be (and on time too!)

And oh, did I mention our precious little Brooke is sick. We don't know with what, but on top of everything else, I get to take her to the vet (along with worrying about her, paying for her visits, picking her up). Bless her heart. I feel so bad for her. We've never taken any of our precious puppies to the vet and had to leave them for the day, but I'm only one person that has to be in 4 places at one time. me, help me!

Great news. Since Brent is out of town and Brooke is sick, I have a new bed partner:)

TRULY BLESSED to have a husband that has a job and a Brooke that we hope will start getting better,

PS...4 places = work, Peyton to school, Palmer to school, Brooke to Vet. We're just gonna skip afterschool activities for this week (I know, I can be sorry about it later).

Monday, November 9, 2009


How do you spell Tired?


Spelling tired is all the energy I have.

13 hour drive home and work the next day = TIRED!

I really need to think through these things better...I need to start taking a day off after we get home from vacation.

A vacation from my vacation...that's what I need! What WE need! Poor boys, they had to go back to school the next day too...I know they were tired too!

TRULY BLESSED to be able to be tired from a great vacation,

PS...the boys did amazing on the 13-hour drive back. So blessed to have good travelers!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Wedding...

Finally here!

They've (ok, we've) been waiting for this day since Dec. 26th, 2008...the day Chris proposed to Jody (with all of us looking on).

The day was beautiful. A bit windy, but beautiful nonetheless! All the decorations were pure Florida -- old Florida, that is, and it couldn't have been prettier.

The Bride was in great spirits and just beautiful in her sweet and elegant dress!
The Groom was relatively calm (an improvement over the Groomzilla that he was on Thursday).

The Mother of the Groom was gorgeous in her beatiful orange dress (and great shoes)!

The boys were dressed in their nice clothes -- shoes, pants, dress shirts and ties (albeit they were kicking and screaming).

I was dressed. Period...sorry, but I had to get everyone else ready first!

Congratulations to both of they are off on their honeymoon -- Napa Valley. Thanks for including us in your special, beautiful day!

TRULY BLESSED to be a part of such a beautiful day,

PS...the 13-hour ride home was worth it for our week long vacation to ALL of Florida!

Friday, November 6, 2009


for the wedding!

I have to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect with the wedding location...I just kept thinking smelly horses...oh my!

But it was BEAUTIFUL! The stables were beautiful, but the whole site was a perfect blend of South Florida (palm trees) and Country.

It was, however, still VERY windy, but let the games begin!

Us...the Storm has arrived...

Peyton and his B.B...

Palmer and his B.B...

Chris and best man, cousin Keith...

Chris walking Mom down the aisle...

Mom looking beautiful!

Jody's Mom looking beautiful!

Palmer loves Aunt Jody!

Palmer decided he was going to marry Jody...move over Uncle Chris!

Dad practicing giving away his daughter...

The almost married couple...

It won't be long now:)

Now, we're off to the Rehearsal post!

TRULY BLESSED and still hoping the boys do what they are supposed to do,

PS...a little worried about the boys. OK. A LOT WORRIED!

Lunch with...

the Bridal Party and friends. The Bridal Luncheon at Jupiter Beach Resort officially kicked off the wedding festivities!

It was a beautiful luncheon with Jody, the bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, best friends from Canada, the Cudmores (including Baby Dani) and Karen, close friend/wedding coordinator.

The Bridesmaids...

The Bridesmaids at their table...

The Grandmothers and Moms table (this included me)!

Jody and her Mom, Vicki...

Jody, her Grandmother, Meme, Mom, Vicki and Sister, Jana...

Three generations -- Jody, her Grandmother and Mom...

Jody, her Mom and sister...

Jody, her Grandmother, Mom, Sister and their close, close friends the Cudmores from Prince Edward Island, Canada (so cool...they actually met because Jody and her family went to visit Prince Edward Island because of Anne of Green Gables and they met the Cudmore Family).

Jody and her Mom, Mother of the Bride and my Mom, Mother of the Groom...

Mom and I with our future Daughter-in-law and Sister-in-law...

We had a great time (all the while watching out the windows to make sure Brent and the boys didn't take down the entire place)!

TRULY BLESSED to be gaining a great Sister-in-law,

PS...her family is really sweet and nice!