Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dos and Don'ts...

when Mom is sick...

Setting the Scene:

Last night (and even today), I'm not feeling great. Not feeling horrible, just not great. So as most Mom's know, even when we're sick or not feeling well, our job doesn't end. In fact, sometimes I feel like my family sniffs out weakness and preys on it...you know...they know I'm sick, so they demand more!

So, to help my Brent, Peyton and Palmer figure out what to do and what not to do when I'm not feeling perky and chipper, here's a few Dos and Don'ts to follow:

*I'm naming names in this one. No hidden identities people!

Dear Family:

I want to help you understand when I'm not feeling well. I realize my signs are not obvious and you are used to me being there for your every need and want, but there are times when I just don't feel 110%. So, in order to help you figure this out, here's a few Dos and Don'ts to follow:

NOTE: When you see the following...your "Mom's Not Feeling Well Light Bulb" Should Come On and your "fend-for-yourself" mode should kick in...

When you come home from school/work, and I'm lying on the bed, that's a really big clue that something is wrong. On very RARE occassions (like when I'm not feeling well), I'll lie down for just a few minutes. This usually gives me a little kick to get up and get everything else down. But last night, I didn't want to get a kick. I wanted to lie in bed for the entire night. It happens sometimes. I know, it's hard to believe, but every now and again, you guys are not Numero Uno...not often, but sometimes...

So, when you see the "lying on the bed thing", this DOES NOT mean to do the following (aka Dont's):
1) Yell for me from across the house and expect me to come to you (Peyton).
2) Ask me to button your jeans and when I say, "Ask Daddy," for you to scream and have a breakdown next to me because I won't button your jeans (Palmer).
3) Proceed to blame me for something that was CLEARLY not my fault (Brent).
4) Decide tonight is the night to test the waters on your new found attitude (Peyton).
5) Choose tonight as the night that you must have something for dinner other than cereal or pancake on a stick (Peyton and Palmer).
6) Scold me for not being OVERLY excited (jumping up and down, etc...) for Peyton getting all E's (Brent).
7) Look at me over and over again and tell me I don't look like I feel good, yet proceed to let me make dinner, do homework and be the "bad guy" and "rule enforcer" to the boys(Brent).
8) Scream and yell at me for trying to put lotion on your eczema-acting-up skin, so you won't claw yourself to death trying to scratch it (Palmer).
9) Decide tonight is the night you refuse to say your prayers because you're mad at the world with your new found attitude (Peyton).

It does, however mean for you to do the following (aka Dos):
1) Realize I'm not feeling well and say, "Stay in bed...I've got this covered tonight" (Brent).
2) Come to me and say, "Thank you Mommy for making me do my homework every night and for reading to me everynight so that I get E's on my report card (Peyton).
3) Eat cereal for dinner. Most nights I have to beg you to eat something other than cereal, help a girl out (Peyton).
4) Learn how to button your own pants. You're 4 (and very good at it), so it's time you learn to button your pants (Palmer). And oh, BTW, I'm as stubborn as you are. You are my child. Therefore, you can stand and pitch a fit next to me for as long as you like, and I'll just sit there while you pitch a fit. Still. won't. button. your. pants.
5) Get rid of the 6 year old attitude (Peyton). I don't make you read to me or make you do your homework for my own health. Nor do I pay $55 a month for you to go to Karate lessons and not want to be there. And I certainly will not pay an extra $20 so you test for a yellow belt that you don't even want. From now on, let's just say you pay me for your lessons!
6) Don't scream when I'm putting lotion on your body. Really. We've done this every night for your entire life. It's time to let it go and just let me put it on you (Palmer).
7) Say your prayers and mean them for once (Peyton and Palmer).
8) Tell me that I look beautiful (even when I don't), and that I'm a great wife and Mom that deserves a night of not feeling well (applies to all Men in the house). Then proceed to wait on me hand and foot (for just one night). And hugs and kisses help too!

Thank you. I don't ask for much. Just a few things. Please keep these in mind the next time I don't feel well.

My head says thank you,
Chas and Mommy

PS...If I was a man...(insert thoughts here)!


Dabalack Family said...

Today is my first time reading your blog and I love it. I am sorry you were not feeling well hopefully you are on the road to recovery. Thank you for sharing this at least my family are not the only ones who don't read the signs very well. Thanks!!


The Thomas' said...

This is so funny but so very true! I only ask for that break too when I am sick, no other time. It never does happen :) Feel better. Love reading your blog.

Perfectly Phillips said...

Hi Guys!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I'm just now writing back. Life has been crazy and with that I banned the computer for a weekend...so, I'm just now getting over to the blog:)

I know you know, life with children is always interesting! I love looking at your sites! Your families are just precious!!!

Stop by anytime, it seems we always have some kind of humor taking place at our house:)

Have a great weekend!