Friday, January 1, 2010

I Resolve...

I've never been great at making or keeping New Year's Resolutions!

But this year, I've chosen simple, yet things I think (and should do). Some meaningful, some not so meaningful...So, I resolve...

1) To actually get up on time and not hit the snooze button 20 million times. The goal: To have time in the mornings to actually spend time with my family...say nice things to everyone vs. yelling at everyone to get out the door on time (or late as we usually are)!
2) To get on a workout schedule. The goal: Be in shape by Spring Break.
3) To let my hair grow out for a year. The goal: See how long it can get in 1 year -- I'm just curious:)
4) To drink more milk, less cokes. The goal: be more healthy.
5) To not sweat the small stuff and be more happy. The goal: to give my children a very "happy" environment.
6) To save, save, save. The goal: to have more money saved for a rainy day!

If I accomplish half of this, it will be a miracle. But dangit, I'm going to try!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful to ring in another year,

PS...I'm serious about all of them...really!