Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Day Part 2

So, by Friday afternoon it was still snowing...yay!

After putting the boys down for their nap, we decided to venture out into the COLD, COLD was cold! We decided to try sledding down another hill on the otherside of the street...

(Peyton trying to surf...didn't work out so well for him!)

(My little stud!)

It was so cold, we didn't last long. My two pairs of gloves only kept my fingers warm for so long... so we headed inside. We ordered pizza and had a family pizza and game night. After about 10 games, I finally one...Brent and Peyton are tough to beat!

(Batman (aka Palmer) and Daddy getting ready for round 6)

After the boys went to bed, Brent and I watched The Hangover (unedited)...OMG! It was hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!!! So, of course, we went to bed late, only to be woken up by two little boys at 6 a.m. on a Saturday. A. Saturday. Ugh! And, of course, I was the one to get up. We couldn't believe it had snowed all night. We literally woke up to a white winter wonderland. It was I had to take pictures!

(Our neighborhood)

(Our house and driveway covered in snow. We pulled my car into the garage.)

(the backyard and hill)

(I'm not sure what the puppies thought about didn't take them long to go potty)

So, even though we had planned to get up and go sledding by 6:30 a.m., my not-so-much-a-morning-husband wouldn't get out of bed and because we weren't so sure we could get out of our driveway or up the hill (we had to go down the hill, turnaround and speed to make it up the hill and out of the neighborhood). After 4 layers of cloths (and me actually whereing a camo coat), we got to the sledding area until 9. We went over to our friend's neighborhood, where they have some mac-daddy hills. The one below is just one of the hills we tried.

(Peyton's face says it all!)

(Daddy was the official "saucer pusher.")

(Palmer, my fearless sledder, taking it all in...deciding which hill to tackle...)

(My fearless sledder LOVED going down the hill backwards!)

(Racing down the hill.)

We had to leave because Peyton had karate class, but it was perfect timing, as we were FREEZING! It was fun, we had a blast and believe it or not, it kept snowing most of the day. We were so excited to have the snow for as long as we did. We had a great day and a family-filled weekend.

We finished off the weekend with a date night for Brent and I, and a Sunday of taking down all the Christmas decorations (finally...we're a little late).

It was a fun-filled snowy, snowy weekend! I think this weekend qualifies me for my "snowflake" pandora charm.

BEAUTIFULLY BLESSED AND TRULY THANKFUL to have spent a weekend enjoying something so beautiful with my family,

PS...I saved one last PTO day just for a day like we had!!!!