Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm such a...

stupid person sometimes!

Last night, after a day spent with Mr. Palmer, I climbed into bed...tired (I think the past two weeks have really caught up to me) and I realized that on my resolution list, I forgot to put two very important things...things I've talked about on my blog! How could I forget these two thing?!

1)To find a church home. The goal: to find a church that we love, the boys love and we all enjoy getting up and going to on Sunday mornings. A church where we can get involved, meet new friends and feel like it is our second home.
2)To spend more time praying, trusting, obeying, listening, growing. Whew! The goal: to be a much better follower!

Ok, so now, I feel like my list is complete. Funny how it takes a moment of peace and quiet to really think through the things I (and sometimes we) want to accomplish this year. I hope to look back a year from now and see how much on this list I've accomplished!

Beautifully Blessed and Truly Thankful for the opportunity to accomplish some many cool things,

PS...I'm sitting here by the fire writing this (it's 14 degrees outside) while snow is coming down outside. Brent and Peyton decided to stay in Florida a few more days (due to Peyton being out of school on Monday and me having exhausted the amount of days I can take children to work -- wink! wink!).


The Thomas' said...

Were you a Delta Zeta? I saw your comment on my friend, Brooke's blog..Dieterich Days. She had hers designed by the same person you did and you left a comment on hers. You look very familiar and the name sounds familiar.

Perfectly Phillips said...

Hi There...thanks for stopping by. Yes, as a matter of fact I was a DZ at FSU. Pledge class 1994. Were you a also look familiar. I loved your site;)Stop by anytime. You little boys are so cute. I absolutely love having two little boys!

The Thomas' said...

Yes, I was pledge class 1995, maiden name was curtis. My big sis was Julie lawrence. Nice to see you and your family. Boys are awesome!

Perfectly Phillips said...

That's awesome. Julie was my pledge sister and Tania Liuzzo is my little sister (we still keep in touch all the time). Are you on Facebook? Julie's my friend and she's pregnant. Was Julie a DZ? It's great to catch up with you again!